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Bad Breath

bad Breath Treatment Moonee Ponds

Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Do you or a loved one suffer from bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth?
Don’t be embarrassed, our friendly and caring team at Bluebird Dental is here to help.

Bad breath (halitosis), is a common condition affecting many people of all ages.

Often the condition is related to the state of the teeth, gums, and the bacteria that are present in the mouth leading to the production of sulfur and the release of an unpleasant odour.

We understand that bad breath can negatively impact a person’s life, causing a loss of self-confidence and embarrassment in relationships. At Bluebird Dental, we care about your total wellbeing and offer treatments for bad breath such as general dental check-up and clean. We also recommend products to boost your confidence by keeping bad breath at bay.

While some bad breath can be treated through a change in diet and smoking habits, bad breath can also be a symptom of other underlying oral health issues like Gum Disease (Gingivitis). It is for this reason that we advise visiting a dentist every 6 months to maintain oral health and prevent more serious dental conditions from developing.

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