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Children’s Orthodontics

Kid's Orthodontics Moonee Ponds

Children’s Orthodontics Treatment

At Bluebird Dental, we believe in seeing children as young as 3 years to begin assessing the development of their teeth and jaws.

At this age, we can give advice to parents and children regarding home care and diet. Many orthodontic problems begin very early so it is important that children eliminate habits such as thumb and dummy sucking early. We also encourage correct “nose breathing” as this has been shown to cause teeth crowding and narrow jaws as children develop.

It is important we assess the baby teeth and keep them strong and healthy. Any cavities need to be treated quickly as this can also lead to crowding of the new adult teeth.

Bringing children in at an early stage allows us to develop friendly and trusting relationships with children. Early interception of bad habits and promoting good oral hygiene can often eliminate or reduce the complexity of orthodontic treatment. If orthodontic treatment is required, we often begin this as early as age 7.

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