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Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Treatment

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Treatment Moonee Ponds

Wisdom teeth are generally the last of all adult teeth to come through. They usually emerge in the late teens/early twenties and can vary from 1 to 4 teeth developing, however, some people have none. Often, due to being the last teeth to appear, Wisdom Teeth become impacted and are unable to emerge due to a lack of space with surrounding teeth. Impacted Wisdom Teeth become wedged and may cause painful repeated gum infections. If there is enough space in the mouth, wisdom teeth will come through straight and naturally with little pain.

Impacted wisdom teeth at times can remain under the gum line and cause no trouble. If the teeth begin to move and become problematic they can also cause severe problems such as pain and interference with teeth alignment. If you have impacted wisdom teeth the best solution is to get a dentist to assess the area as soon as possible to reduce the possibility of severe pain occurring. Contact the team at Bluebird Dental in Moonee Ponds for further information and to be examined for possible Wisdom Teeth Extraction and or referrals.

Ignoring impacted wisdom teeth can be an incredibly painful and an uncomfortable experience that can affect your day to day lifestyle.

Health concerns are also raised if impacted wisdom teeth are ignored. As some impacted wisdom teeth can grow crooked, the common trapping of plaque (germs) inside the gum next to the neighbouring tooth can trigger tooth decay in an important chewing molar.

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