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Braces treatment Moonee Ponds

Dental Braces

At Bluebird Dental, we utilise Braces for a number of conditions that involve moving a tooth or all teeth into a new position. Crooked teeth, crowded teeth, large gaps between teeth, overbites, and underbites are all common conditions that braces are used for. While braces can be a cosmetic procedure to improve the look of your smile, they are also a permanent orthodontic solution for a patient’s general health, aiding serious dental conditions such as misaligned and underdeveloped jaws.

Due to aiding growth and development, Braces are mostly prescribed for patients in their pre- or early teens. As children begin to grow their adult teeth between 6-8 years we recommend an orthodontic assessment for early intervention to minimize the timeframe of wearing braces should they be required. See our Children’s Orthodontics service for more information.

Types of Braces Available are:

Ceramic Braces are commonly used to replace traditional metal braces with being less noticeable. The brackets can be clear and the wires are far less noticeable.

Self-ligating Braces are very similar to conventional braces, with the exception of ligature. There are no elastic bands or metal ties present as special clips or brackets are used instead to help the archwire move your teeth into place

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