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Tooth Fillings Treatment

Tooth Fillings Treatment

Tooth Fillings

Over the past, fillings have originally been filled with amalgam, steel grey in appearance and extremely noticeable. Through advances in technology and improvements in dental techniques, white composite fillings have become the alternative to a more subtle appearance. White composite fillings are made from a resin mix which is shaded to match the colour of your teeth and are more commonly being used to replace old amalgam fillings. Please see safe removal of amalgam fillings for more information.

Fillings are a fast and simplest way of dealing with a cavity in a tooth that is otherwise problem free. Acid from certain foods and drinks are responsible for eating away at the tooth’s enamel and by filling these holes protects the tooth from infection-causing bacteria to no longer get to the pulp of the tooth.

If you are worried about the pain associated with fillings, here at Bluebird Dental, we have also invested in pain-free equipment to make your experience through each dental procedures more comfortable and relaxing. The Wand, for example, is a computer-assisted anaesthetic delivering system which avoids the need for a traditional syringe and needle. The Wand is a truly breakthrough technology to anaesthetise teeth and is ideal for both adults and kids who hate needles or are scared of dental treatment.

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