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Tooth Decay & Plaque

Tooth Decay Treatment Essendon

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There are many factors which contribute to the overall process of tooth decay. Poor oral hygiene, sugary diets and avoiding regular dental checkups, ultimately can lead to tooth decay through the buildup of plaque.

Plaque is a term describing the clear and sticky film that forms a layer over teeth, which over time leads to tartar (or calculus). Tartar is a harder substance than plaque and usually forms along the lining of teeth and gums. Both Plaque and Tartar contain bacteria which can breakdown gums and teeth resulting in tooth decay.

Treating plaque and preventing tooth decay begins with improving oral hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing is the first step and an important factor to reduce the buildup of plaque forming. A regular dental checkup every 6 months and a carefully managed diet are also important treatment options to maintain good oral hygiene

As plaque and tartar affect the gums, it not only leads to loss of teeth but also can result in gum disease. Put your oral hygiene first today and Book Now with our gentle dentists near Essendon for a general check-up and clean to maintain your smile and prevent serious conditions such as gum disease from forming.

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