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Missing Teeth

Missing teeth treatment Moonee Ponds

Missing Teeth

Here at Bluebird Dental, we can help you achieve the smile that you want and need by replacing your missing tooth or teeth. Teeth work together in unison and when one or several teeth are missing not only is it immediately harder to eat but it can have drastic long-term repercussions such as decay and further loss of teeth. This is why it’s very important to replace your missing teeth as soon as possible.

Missing Teeth or A Loss of Tooth can happen due to a variety of factors, including and not limited to tooth decay, fractures and physical injury. Once a tooth is lost it creates a space in the jaw which then leads to further issues down the line (described in detail below).

At Bluebird Dental we can replace your missing teeth by either

  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Bridge
  • Partial Denture

Our dental professionals will discuss all of the options available with you together decide on the most appropriate treatment for you.

Missing teeth treatment options chart

In the picture below it illustrates what occurs if you lose your first molar tooth on the lower arch. In this particular picture the missing tooth is number 46.

Missing teeth

If tooth number 46 is not replaced immediately the tooth that is positioned behind it (tooth 47) will, over time, start to fall and tilt into space and the tooth in front (45) can migrate back. Thus, creating an area where food can get caught and decay can start which is illustrated as black spots on the second picture. The back cusp of the tooth 47 will rise above its usual position which will cause biting problems and can become painful.

Additionally, the tooth above (tooth 16) can migrate down into space. Again, creating spaces for food to easily lodge and increase the probability of decay. And again causing bite issues as tooth 16 it is now in a lower position.

When we have teeth that migrate into different areas, they cause too much pressure on the adjacent teeth. The adjacent teeth can crack and even fracture and break. Teeth grinding can also develop at night as your body tries to naturally adjust/alter the shape to rectify the unbalanced bite. This may result in cracks in teeth and headaches or TMD.

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